Club Rules

Secret Jiu Jitsu Club was created for those who are passionate about the art of jiu jitsu and who enjoy the unity that comes with it. We believe in rolling fiercely, yet prefer to represent discreetly. In short, we let our skills and effort do the talking.

SJJC stands against cult-like followings and any form of douchiness’, whether it be bullying, or making excuses during rolls (e.g. a tap is a tap). We believe that manners maketh the man, both on and off the mats.

Stylistically, we prefer clean minimalism rather than over-the-top designs common to most jiu jitsu brands. Our clean and iconic logo makes it clear to those who know that you are a member of the club. When you see it you know...

Our gear and apparel is designed in San Diego, CA for those who appreciate the power and beauty of simplicity and quality. Our products are battle tested worldwide on the toughest mats and on the biggest stages.

Ultimately, we believe that, at the end of the day, we are all one, and that it is all about our Journey United. If you share our point of view, join the club and wear our mark.