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Q: Who is Silent Sensei?

When you see it, you know...

Q: Where is SJJC located?

The Club’s headquarters are hidden deep within distant mountains, in a deep and dark cavern paved with ancient mats.

We can only disclose that the gear and people running the Club’s business wing are based in San Diego, California.

Q: How do I get sponsored?

Convince the Silent Sensei of your excellence and compliance with "Club Rules" by sending a video of your competition rolls, a link to your social-media profiles, and a brief explanation of why you who should become an official member of the SJJC Smash Squad, to


Q: Your gear is great, how do I make a payment?

Pecunia non olet - we accept all major credit cards. 

Q: I am a member or have a discount code, how do I use it?

You will be asked to provide your discount code during checkout - can’t miss the box. Please mind that discounts cannot be combined, i.e. you can’t use more than one on an order, unless stated otherwise during promotion.

Q: Do I have to pay customs and import charges?

Unfortunately, customs and import charges are tools of international policies, which SJJC still can’t influence. Since we do not have control over what you get charged when buying our gear from any other country than the U.S., you are responsible to cover those costs. Let us know at if you had a bad experience with customs from your country, we will note it and try to alleviate the burdens in the future.

Q: When will I know if my order has been shipped?

You will receive an email from us confirming the shipment of your order.

Q: Can I change my order once it’s placed?

If it dispatches, it dispatches.

Therefore, be careful to provide the right address and select the right items. If you have misplaced an order, try to send us an email as fast as possible to, we will cancel it if it hadn't been shipped yet.

Q: How soon will I receive my order?

Once received, your order should be shipped from our HQ within 5 to 7 business days. The delivery itself may take approximately 1-3 days if you live in the United States, and between 6-10 days if you live abroad. Those numbers are estimates based off the USPS for domestic shipments and DHL for international ones..

Q: Can I track my gear?

Yes, both USPS Priority and DHL International Service allow you to track the shipment of your gear.  USPS First Class Mail does NOT provide a tracking number on envelopes.

Q: The tracking number shows that the gear has been delivered, but it’s not the case. Can I get a refund?

If the tracking number shows that the delivery has been made, there is no way for us to verify that it has not. Therefore, we will not grant you a refund in those circumstances, because it would make it too easy to trick us and the Club would go bankrupt.

Q: I placed an order to be delivered outside of the United States via USPS First-Class International. I haven't received the gear and the tracking number doesn't work in my country. What happens now?

USPS First-Class International is the most affordable shipping option. They are not bad, but their tracking system is outdated and often doesn't work once the package leaves the United States. Therefore, we would never know if a package was delivered once within a foreign country's post system, or the customer is just trolling us. For this reason, we can't refund you in such case. However, definitely reach out to us, and we will see what we can do.

Q: Can I return the items I have purchased?

All sales are final unless your gear arrived damaged.

If your product arrives damaged, please take pictures of the damaged item immediately upon receipt and send details with pictures to

We would like to offer an explanation as to why we don’t accept returns to those upset or curious. We are a small company with local production of our gear in San Diego, California. Contrary to some of the big players, we do not produce our gear in Asia ordering in crazy bulk and keeping the mark-ups high. This keeps the quality of SJJC gear high and allows us to supervise the manufacturing process directly, but also drives up our production costs. As a result, we have neither the logistics nor profit margins to accept used items, and we refuse to get involved in sales of “refurbished” gear shenanigans.

Please, make careful and sensible choices as to the gear you buy via our website.

Q: How do I get a refund for a damaged item?

Firstly, send us a photo of the damaged gear to If we approve your refund inquiry, you will be asked to ship it back to us, at your expense, for inspection. Afterwards, we’ll let you know once we receive the item and whether the return can be processed. If so, you’ll get your refund on the same credit card you used to purchase the item.

Q: I mixed up the address, or did not tell my wife that SJJC gear is coming, and now the accidentally shipment bounced, what is going to happen?

If the item has been returned to us, you will be refunded for the item minus the shipping charge and any additional return shipping fees incurred by us.


Q: What size am I?

See size chart under each product’s description page.

Q: Can I purchase your products if I pull guard?


Q: Item I am looking for is sold out. When will it be back in stock?

We restock a lot of items every 2-3 months. Some items may not be restocked for a longer period, they may be part of a limited release, or discontinued all together. You can email us to let us know the item, color, and size that you are interested in, and we will make a note of it.

Q: Can I purchase your products if I tap to knee on belly or side control pressure?


Q: Can I purchase your products if I often tell training partners that a move was a crank rather than a choke?




Q: What is SJJC’s phone number?

Why would a secret club disclose its phone number publicly? Shoot us an email to and provide your phone number if you need to discuss an issue directly so we can reach out to you.

Q: A gente fala português?

Claro, falamos.

Q: Habla español?


Q: Mówicie po polsku?


Didn’t find your question? Feel free to send us an email at hq@secretjiujitsuclub.